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How to respond to interactive questions using a cell phone

Last Updated: May 16, 2013 04:27PM EDT

During lecture your instructor may ask interactive questions, which you can respond to using the SMS (text messaging) feature of any cell phone. Standard text messaging rates may apply. (You may also answer the questions using a laptop with an internet connection.)

Before class, make sure you have registered your phone number. If you did not input your phone number during the registration process, you can add a phone to your account in the Manage Account dialogue box. Adding your phone number is necessary for LectureTools to recognize your phone and award you proper credit for responding to activities.

To respond to an activity with your cell phone:
  1. When the instructor begins a multiple choice or free response activity, create a new text message on your cellphone. Note that at this time, you cannot respond to an image quiz or ordered list activity via text message.
  2. Enter (734) 666-0004 as the message recipient. To respond more quickly in the future, add this phone number to your contacts list as LectureTools.
  3. On the projection screen, locate the text message directions near the bottom of the slide.
  4. In the body of your new text message, type the five-digit activity code, a space, and then your answer.
    1. For a multiple choice question, send the five-digit activity code then the letter corresponding to your answer choice. For example, if you wished to answer C to a multiple choice question with the instructions “text 65081 [your answer]’ to (734) 666-0004,” you would input “65081 C” as the message text.
      multiple choice sms
    2. For a free response question, send the five-digit activity code then your full response.
      free response sms
  5. Send your text message.
  6. When your answer is received by the system, you will receive a confirmation text message.
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