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How to respond to interactive questions using a laptop

Last Updated: May 16, 2013 04:27PM EDT
During lecture your instructor may ask interactive questions, which you can respond to using the web application on your laptop. (You may also answer the questions using a cell phone with text-messaging capabilities.)

To respond to an activity with your laptop:
  1. Navigate to the appropriate slide or choose the click for unhidden slide notification when your instructor reveals the activity.
  2. The activity will appear in the slides pane.
  3. Complete the activity or answer the question directly in the slides pane.
    1. For a multiple choice question, select the radio button corresponding to your answer choice.
      multiple choice activity
    2. For an ordered list activity, click and drag each option to the appropriate location.
      ordered list question
    3. For an image quiz, click on the part of the image that corresponds to your answer.
      image quiz
    4. For a free response question, click to select the text field and type your response.
      free response question
  4. Click the Submit button to send your response.
  5. You will see an Answer Submitted confirmation message flash briefly on your screen.
  6. If your instructor shows the results after the activity, navigate to the next slide or choose the View Response Slide notification to jump to the results slide.

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